Boninho ‘invades’ Zeca Camargo’s program press conference at Band and sends a message

Boninho gives new tips from reality show participants

While he is “connected to everything”, Boninho released more spoilers for the new edition of “BBB”. This Monday (10), he posted a video with a series of sentences that would indicate information about the brothers and sisters.

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“To start the week by explaining or confusing more…”, provoked the director. “In ‘BBB’, 3 + 1 = 5, so check out some more tips from who is in the house”, he says in the video. Then, several “slides” with illustrative phrases and photos begin. “Some people love seafood… Just don’t fall for the ‘xepa'”, read the first tip.

“Who cries for nothing… And now you can get ready to water the plants. Go ask for a cooler… With cachaça and beer!”, the video continued, with the theme song of “BBB” in the background. “He has 3 daughters… But no. He’s full of mania… But he’s not the King!”, says a slide, clearly referring to Roberto Carlos. “There are those who love a mutt”, ends the last tip.

On social media, Boninho also spoke about the casualties by covid-19 that the “BBB” team is suffering and about the news that, therefore, the reality would be suffering from delays.

“The ‘BBB’ team is not 100% with covid, the scenography staff is not with covid, the production staff is not with covid. Of course, we had some casualties, naturally, but the rhythm remains the same. lie, it’s fake news”, he said in Stories.

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