BOMB! The soap opera ‘Travessia’ undergoes an important change in Brisa’s 2nd pregnancy. What will happen?

THE soap opera “Travessia” will go through a big change in relation to the new pregnancy of Brisa (Lucy Alves)🇧🇷 About to be surprised with a DNA test of her son, Tonho (Vicente Alvite), the woman from Maranhão will become pregnant with Oto (Romulo Estrela), with whom she started dating in the most recent chapters.

Originally, the young lady would have a second child with Ari (Chay Suede), her love since childhood. Author of the nine o’clock soap opera, Glória Perez changed Brisa’s destiny after surveys with the public. This survey indicated that the viewer cheers for “Brisoto” and rejects the architectgoing against the novelist’s expectation that there would be a split between Oto and Ari.

“Travessia” has accelerated some plots, but kept what was in the synopsis, but with some changes, according to “TV News”🇧🇷 Thus, an important nucleus linked to Brisa ended up being left out, for the time being.

Regarding the audience, in Greater São Paulo, Brisa’s story scored 24.3 on Monday (21), 24.7 the following day, and 24.9 on Wednesday. The index was always lower than “Jornal Nacional”, which reached 24.6, 25.6 and 25.3, respectively.

How does Brisa’s new pregnancy cause a turnaround in ‘Travessia’?

In the next chapters, Núbia (Drica Moraes) will show all her fury against Brisa and claim that the girl betrayed Ari several times. To prove that she never “jumped the fence”, the woman from Maranhão undergoes a DNA test. But the washerwoman is surprised: Ari is Tonho’s father, but she is not his mother.

This is because Brisa is a chimera woman, that is, she has more than one DNA chain in her body. At the same time, she will discover the pregnancy and will be in doubt as to who is the father of the child, Oto or Ari. With the new pregnancy, the young lady ends up helping herself to get a counterproof of Tonho’s exam.

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