Bollywood Actor Gajendra Chauhan defended Narendra Modi on petrol diesel price hike, People stared asking questions

Gajendra Chauhan has said that Narendra Modi is not keeping the money of expensive petrol in his house but is investing it in the development of the country.

The general public is facing problems due to the rising prices of food grains and petrol and diesel. The BJP government is also facing criticism for not being able to control the prices. Meanwhile, many such statements of BJP leaders and supporters have come to the fore on which people are raising questions. Recently, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari said that petrol and diesel money is being used for free vaccine, while now Bollywood actor Gajendra Chauhan has said something similar.

On Saturday, Gajendra Chauhan made a tweet from his official Twitter handle, in which he wrote that Narendra Modi is not keeping the money of expensive petrol in his house but is investing in the development of the country.

He wrote in his tweet, ‘Modi government will make 19 more such highways on which army planes will land. Modi is not keeping your expensive petrol money in the house, he is investing in the development of the country.

On this tweet of Gajendra Chauhan, users are raising many types of questions. A user named Deepak wrote, ‘So will Modi pay the toll tax too? At present all the national/state highways are being constructed by private companies at their own expense and the cost including interest is being collected from the public as toll tax…any government has nothing to do with it.’

A user named Suraj Kukde asked Gajendra Chauhan, ‘Sir, then why are you increasing the price of petrol? Sell ​​our kidneys too and build a highway. A user named Shwetank wrote, ‘Tax is coming down, will those who build roads by increasing the inflation of petrol, diesel, gas?’

A user named Vikas Chauhan wrote, ‘Take 500 rupees a liter to diesel, petrol, mustard oil. What will happen to the country when a person dies of hunger? A user named Pramod Yadav asked the question to Gajendra Chauhan, ‘Why public money? Why not the money of MPs and ministers?’

A user named Shiv Kumar wrote, ‘Governance should be such that there is no need for army. But for how long will you mislead the countrymen with the help of false nationalism and religion?’ A user named Ramu Kumar wrote, ‘Adani is keeping expensive petrol money in Ambani’s pocket. As for the army, if elections come near, then there will be a Pulwama attack, there will be a Naxalite attack.

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