Bold dances and husband in a ‘hot’ scene: Iza defines ‘No Filter’ as ‘the boldest clip of his career’

Iza enters death globe in ‘No Filter’: ‘Everyone called me crazy’

Another highlight of “No Filter” is a scene where Iza enters a death globe on two motorcycles. “I’ve always been a kid who loved going to the circus and there’s always a freak who enters the globe of death, nobody breathes for three minutes. I’ve always wanted to do that. This scene is a metaphor, we wanted to refer to the butterflies in the stomach, was a more radical way of telling this story”, he details.

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And the singer’s desire left part of the team with nerves on edge. “My husband and my security guard, who is practically my older brother, were on set, everyone was calling me crazy… I didn’t even think about it, I exchanged an idea before with the guys, they made me super safe”, she points out.

Iza fulfills childhood wish with futuristic aesthetics: ‘Make this universe mine’

Passionate about science fiction films since she was a child, Iza did not see representation in her references to the genre and, therefore, wanted to bring their aesthetic to “Semfiltroless”. “Thinking a lot about science fiction, I didn’t used to see myself, as a black woman, in this universe. It was a way of making this universe mine. I think it’s a way of healing these memories I have”, she ponders.

Check out the clip in the gallery above, as well as more memorable scenes from “No Filter”!

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