BoJack Horseman: The Best Jokes About Real Hollywood Stars


The series created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg is one of the best adult animation ever created. You can watch it in full on Netflix.

The series ended in 2020.
© IMDbThe series ended in 2020.

Speaking of animations for adults forces us to mention one of the best productions that is part of the entire catalog of original fictions of Netflix. We are talking about bojack horsemanwhich was created by Raphael Bob Waksberg and aired for six seasons between 2014 and 2020. Various stars from Hollywood, many of which were exaggerated versions of actual celebrities who were also sometimes made jokes about with their names. But which were the best?

+The best joke cameos of Hollywood stars

5 – Quentin Tarantulino

The acclaimed film director, Quentin Tarantinowas played by Kevin Bigley and appeared to shoot the film of Mr Peanutbutter as a parody of the filmmaker behind works like Kill Bill. As his name evidences, he was depicted as a tarantula, and became a fan of the ideas of Todd Chavez to put them in your projects.

4 – Ethan Hawk and Cameron Crowe

In this case, it is simple cameos that make jokes with surnames. While the actor Moon Knight is represented as an eagle, the director of almost famous appears in the form of a raven. Simple but effective.

3Andrew Garfield

Interpreted by Paul F Tompkins (who also does the voice of Mr Peanutbutter), the appearance of garfield is used to compare it with the cat cartoon garfield and it turns him into a lasagna lover and a serial Monday hater. In this case, the plus is given because the real actor recognized that he watched the series and felt very identified with it. bo jack.

2-Justin Bieber

Although it does not appear with the name of Justin Bieberit is clear that Joey Pogo It is a clear parody of the pop icon. The color fact is that this character was going to be played by Zack Efronwho seemed to be a fan of bojack horseman and he used to visit the writers often, but when they offered him the role they got a negative response. For this reason, the production chose Hillary Swank to put the voice.

1 – Margo Martindale

Presented as “Character actress Margo Martindale”is one of the best interventions of the animated series of Netflix. In each of her appearances, she is given a very specific role that makes her almost a tribute to the actress from The Americans who usually has very specific roles every time he has to work. The best thing is that your own margo martindale agreed to voice the character.

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