Bohuš Matuš moving with Lucinka: NEIGHBOR TERROR!

They have already done the big move. Even with their two-year-old daughter Natálka, they managed it before the end of last year. “The apartment in Bohnice we lived in was big and beautiful, but the neighbor was probably mentally ill and Bohuš was not even allowed to sing before the performance,” lamented the singer’s wife.

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“He was listening to us outside the door and was always banging on about us blaring the TV, which was turned off. He wasn’t allowed to play the keyboard or the guitar, not even in the afternoon, because it was said to disturb civil coexistence,” Lucie Matušová revealed to She and her husband found a spacious apartment on the top floor. “We have no neighbors and, I hope, we finally have peace,” added the young mother, who would like to have another baby.

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