Bohdalová completely beside herself: I’ll do that for free!

“The role has to interest me so much in the truth that I then dress up in that character. I have to trust the character. I immediately refuse if I don’t understand it,” says Jiřina Bohdalová, who today lacks screenwriters like Jiří Hubač (†82).

“I’m interested in the character and the story. But unfortunately those Hubacs there is little here. Those who wrote the wonderful sagas that played themselves are missing here. When I read it at the time, I was completely beside myself, and if he hadn’t been involved with the production, I would have said that I would do it for free,” lamented the ninety-one-year-old actress. And how is she currently doing with acting?

Jiřina Bohdalová brought out her grandchildren in Vary:

“I don’t want to go there, I still think to myself at five o’clock: “If the theater burns down like that… I would play it another time. But then suddenly the audience gives you energy and it’s incredible. There, someone laughs for the first time, and I feel as if someone has poured living water over me. It’s beautiful,” she admitted Jiřina Bohdalová in Seven.

Bohdal’s grandson (91) openly: The truth about grandmother Jiřina! What did he keep from her?

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