“Bohdalka” admitted a health problem: What if I slip, she’s afraid

That this lady has a sense of fashion is a well-known fact. And maybe that’s why most people were surprised when the actress arrived at her friend’s funeral in elegant clothes, which she supplemented with sneakers with untied laces. However, there can be no question of a fashion tread. As Sedmička magazine reported, at the Febiofest film festival she appeared in tape shoes, in which her swollen feet stood out. The legendary actress does everything to relieve her sore legs.

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In addition to more comfortable shoes, she also took other measures. “I’m redoing the bedroom right now because I have it upstairs. I thought, What if I slip up those stairs? That’s why I make my bedroom downstairs as a precaution. “ revealed Bohdalová, who already knows her limits, according to which she also arranges herself properly. On the other hand, it is not a serious health problem that would limit the actress more. As the saying goes – no one is young.

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