Bodyguard Gotta broke the silence: YOU WILL ROLL BULVS!

From Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiny Turner, Michael Jackson until Karla Gotta – this is just a list of stars that Roman Anton protected. Thus, although he had the opportunity to watch foreign stars of the highest format, he experienced one of the most eccentric moments with the legendary Czech singer. He got to the strip club with him, where there was no shortage of peppery performances!

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Flash Podcast: Jackson was in danger in Prague, the bodyguard revealed

“With a person of this format, you don’t want to be in this place at all. I felt like he wanted to leave after half an hour, but because he was empathetic and communicative with his companions, he stayed. “ Anton recalls this extraordinary experience. It doesn’t matter that the singer’s steps led there in the first place. Add to that a tumultuous time, and everyone enjoyed life in their own way.

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