Bočanová was called by Zounar: You’re acting like a moron, Martin

“I was snoring like a pig. I couldn’t sleep and I was terribly tired. Kačka, my wife, said to me: »It would probably be good for you to go to the doctor, because this is not normal«. Sometimes she had to go somewhere else in the middle of the night because she wouldn’t sleep next to me. And then a friend helped me Mahulena Bočanová“, he admitted without hesitation Martin Zounar.

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“We have known each other for thirty-five years, we are lifelong friends. She is honest with me and never lied to me. When she said to me: »You’re acting like a moron, Martin«, I knew I was a moron. And when she said to me: »You are as fat as a pig«, I knew that it was so. We’re filming Ordinacia in the Rose Garden together, where we play a couple, we’re enjoying it a lot, and I’m glad that at this moment I’m already hearing from her: »Martha, it suits you, you’re a cat!«” the actor revels.

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