Bob Saget dead, the comedian’s body found lifeless in the hotel

Stand-up comedian Bob Saget is dead. Had 65 years old. The actor’s body was found lifeless in a hotel room in the Ritz-Carlton di Orlando in Florida Sunday 8 January. The comedian had performed regularly on the evening of Saturday 7 January in Jacksonville, also in Florida. The Orange County Sheriff officially stated that no traces of the drug were found on the body, while the cause of death has not yet been clarified. Numerous messages of condolence from US stand-up colleagues. Jon Stewart he called him the cutest and funniest of colleagues around, while Whoopi Goldberg he paid homage to his “big heart and his extravagant madness”. Saget had become famous in the early 1990s for playing the sitcom Full House, a kind of three men and at least three cribs in west coast sauce. Saget was the absolute male protagonist in interpreting the sports conductor Danny Tanner who, on the death of his wife, gets help from two of his friends in raising his three little daughters. Full house became extremely popular in the United States as well a reboot was even shot in 2020 with Netflix production. Saget had also played the role of “good father” in other subsequent sitcoms, but during his stand-up comedian activity he had shown off a casual, foul-mouthed, scatological version of a not quite conformist and orthodox gentleman as it appeared on TV. Enough to publish a book like Dirty Daddy in which he explained his amusing and overwhelming “double” job in the United States between the nineties and the two thousand.

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