BMW iX Flow: the incredible E Ink body that changes color on demand

BMW premiered at CES 2022 the very first ever car able to change color in a few seconds. Its concept BMW iX Flow benefits from electrophoretic technology developed by Taiwanese company E Ink.

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The German manufacturer brings its body thanks to the presence of a special body envelope, composed of several million microcapsules, with a diameter equivalent to the thickness of a human hair. When they are stimulated by electrical signals, they let appear pigments that are sometimes black or white. Note that this solution requires absolutely no energy, except obviously at the time of the phase of color change.

If this technology were to develop, it would allow the driver to customize the color of his car to suit his mood, with a simple pression on one key.

This is not the first time that BMW creates sensation in matter innovation with its SUV iX. In 2021, the manufacturer unveiled a grille capable of automatically erasing small scratches, thanks to an additional polyurethane coating.

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