Blue Panorama sold to the US fund Bateleur Capital. Filt Cgil: “We wait to understand, the concern remains”

The Air company Blue Panorama, stopped since last October and under commissioner management, it was bought by US hedge fund Bateleur Capital, which has one of its core businesses in the restructuring of airlines in crisis. “For us who have always operated in the civil aviation sector, the prospect of driving a carrier also in Italy is a challenge that we want to face and win”, he declared. Aziz Hassanali, managing partner of Bateleur. In order for the agreement to be finalized, the approval of the proposed arrangement with creditors that on Friday 29 April Blue Panorama presented to the Court of Milan and the bodies of the insolvency procedure and the obtaining of authorizations from the regulatory bodies will be required. According to European regulations, a company outside the European Union can hold at most 49% of an air carrier from the Old Continent. Bateleur – the English name of the juggler – could solve this problem either by opening a company in Europe or by being supported mostly by community investors.

“I am very pleased to have signed this agreement for the employment perspective and stability that opens up for employees as a result of the choice of a solid, competent and reliable partner for the relaunch of the airline in a sector, such as the aeronautical one, which has become so complex in the post-Covid era. Furthermore, this agreement will allow the development of synergies between the new company and the Uvet Group at a time when the prospects for a recovery in tourism are concrete “, declared the president. by Uvet and Blue Panorama, Luca Patané.

In order to evaluate the operation, we expect to understand all the details, starting from which is the industrial plan of the buyer and what the repercussions on employment and business development “. This was stated by Filt CGIL underlining that “we remain worried about the future of the beyond 350 workers who have not received income for several months now “. “At the moment – finally declares Filt Cgil – we have little information on the buyer, Bateleur Capital, a fund that appears to be American and therefore unable from the European legislation to detect more than 49% of the company “. Before the pandemic the company employed 600 employees and had come to carry 1.9 million passengers per year on 54 destinations, with revenues of 324 million euros.


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