Blue light, pollution, genetics … why you have to start applying anti-aging care from 25 or 30 years old

Contrary to popular belief, anti-aging care is not only reserved for our grandmothers and mothers. Several studies show that from the age of 25, the body’s natural collagen production begins to stop, which is why it is necessary to stimulate the epidermis with specialized care from that age.
Also, our generation, which lives to the rhythm of the blue light of the screens on which we spend hours, which thrives in a world where pollution is a scourge and where oxygen stress and free radicals are to be fought. protect your skin from the premature appearance of wrinkles. For that, nothing like a complete anti-aging routine, to constitute according to your needs and your type of skin. Here are the best anti-aging skincare products of the year:

> A 13% reduction in wrinkles on the face after just 28 days. This is what the famous Intensive Lifting Fluid from Melvita offers. Enriched with Argant Oil, it nourishes, maintains hydration, replenishes the skin and protects against sagging, which allows the oval of the face to be redrawn over the long term. Thanks to its fine and fluid texture and its dry and matte finish, it can be worn every day, all year round, even under makeup.

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Intensive Lifting Fluid – MELVITA – on sale HERE for € 23.25
> Known worldwide for its skincare products that leverage the power of algae and plankton, Biotherm has just developed a new ultra-sharp skincare based on the power of the “Blue Beauty” philosophy. Developed through research carried out in collaboration with Stanford University, Cera Repair Barrier Cream is THE soothing answer to stressful urban lifestyles. This cream visibly rejuvenates the appearance of the skin and reinforces its barrier function while respecting aquatic life.
After 28 days: radiance increases by 14%, fine lines decrease by 15% and smoothness increases by 12%.

Crème Cera Repair – BIOTHERM – 32,99€

> Did you know that Huda Kattan (the founder of Huda Beauty) is a fan of the Estherderm brand? Known worldwide for its sophisticated skincare products, the French brand is expanding its anti-aging range with a comforting balm for dry skin. With its buttery texture with a velvety feel, it melts into the skin and restores cellular communication to regain skin cohesion and density. Thanks to a complex formula, the complexion becomes more radiant than ever after 28 days but also and above all, the skin is firmer and smoother.

Cream-Balm – INSTITUT ESTHEDERM – on promotion HERE at € 73.99
> Embryolisse is one of the most used brands in the backstage of fashion shows, by professional make-up artists. Known for its famous moisturizer which even Khloe Kardashian loves, the brand signs a new complete anti-aging range with in the heart, a lifting treatment that intensively milks the area around the eye, namely eyelids, fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Composed of 98% of ingredients of natural origin, it lifts, refreshes, smoothes and fills wrinkles thanks to its incredible capacity to retain water in the tissues. After 28 days, the dark circles are reduced, the bags are deflated and the skin appears wrinkled.

Soin Regard Lift Intense – EMBRYOLISSE – 23,90€

> A smoothing treatment that helps prevent and smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips. It redensifies the eye area and allows easier makeup for a brighter result. The treatment is also applied as a mask in a thin layer for an instant shot of hydration.

Smoothing Eye & Lip Contour Care – SCIENTIFIC ACADEMY OF BEAUTY – € 45

> Spirulina is a soft, spiral-shaped microalgae which belongs to the cyanobacteria family. In cosmetics, it is one of the most effective substances for visibly slowing down skin aging thanks to its anti-oxidant properties which limit the formation of free radicals. In addition, its gamma-linoleic acid content makes it possible to bring suppleness, elasticity and softness to the skin. Spirulina used in Bernard Cassière Youth Care and especially in the eye contour cream which contains natural extracts of Spirulina and brown algae, combined with hyaluronic acid *, an extract of tree fern and youth peptides to smooth and firm the eye contour and its mobile eyelid.

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Eye contour cream with Spirulina – BERNARD CASSIERE – 35 €

> If it is popular in the United States and England, the La Roche-Posay brand is one of the most recommended by dermatologists in France. The brand is now completing its anti-aging range with a new retinol concentrate for lasting correction of signs due to photo-aging (deep wrinkles, lack of tone, uneven complexion), very gently, even for sensitive skin. .
This innovative serum combines Retinol, a very effective dermatological active ingredient, with regenerating molecules which guarantee gentle action for the skin.

Retinol B3 Serum – LA ROCHE-POSAY – € 30

> Kiehl’s strikes again with a new anti-aging treatment suitable for all skin types, which improves the appearance of wrinkles and firms the skin thanks to a precise dosage of retinol which helps promote cell renewal. Results: 100% of women who tested the product observed an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles… which were considerably reduced after 4 weeks.

Retinol Skin Renewing Micro dose Serum – KIEHL’S – 50€ les 30ml.

> In 2021, Patyka created Age Specific Intensive, a collection of expert biotechnological care, composed of intensive and transversal care, dedicated to all skin types and all ages, from 25 years old. At the heart of the range, a sharp serum launched in 2017 whose concentration in Pure & Natural Hyaluronic Acid (1.6%) and the incredible immediate and lasting anti-wrinkle effectiveness have earned it real success. It was also the best-selling organic face care in pharmacies in 2020. In 2021, Patyka Advanced Research is strengthening its effectiveness thanks to a new superactivated formula. A true concentrate of biotechnology, it combines 2% Pure & Natural Hyaluronic Acid with 3 Botanical Bio-Boosters to act on all skin levels and target all wrinkles. Result: immediately, the skin is smoothed, lifted and plumped. Day after day, wrinkles are filled in and the skin looks visibly younger.

Fundamental Plumping Serum – PATYKA – € 65.95

> The Saeve brand, which puts the power of organic Birch Sap at the service of the skin, has an anti-aging range that works directly on the production of collagen. This range, whose products are enriched with powerful active ingredients of natural origin, makes it possible to counter hyaluronidase, an enzyme naturally present in the body, which causes a drop in the production of hyaluronic acid and slows down skin regeneration.
The most mature and dry skin types will therefore love the collection’s night cream, which acts during sleep to smooth and firm the skin. When you wake up, the complexion is more radiant, the skin is softer and firmer.

Redensifying Night Cream – SAEVE – 40.50 €

> Leader in the tailor-made skincare market, the Ioma brand has developed a night cream rich in regenerating and repairing active ingredients. It protects and repairs the skin which renews itself and defends itself better against dryness and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. At the heart of the formula, Antarticin which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and increases the production of elastin, Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates and firms but also shea butter which repairs and nourishes.

Generous Night Cream – IOMA PARIS – 73,10 €

> The Onagrine brand has developed the “Lipofilling” patent which makes it possible to plump the skin tissue and fill in wrinkles thanks to an explosive cocktail: Organic Evening Primrose Oil (for the suppleness of the skin), Commiphora (to fill the wrinkles), Ceramides (to strengthen the skin barrier), Organic Nut Oil (to improve elasticity), Moringa Oil (to slow skin aging), Papaya (to revive the radiance of the complexion) and Hyaluronic Acid.
Add to this precious mixture, Chaste tree berries to stimulate skin renewal and we obtain the anti-aging night cream, an elixir capable of regenerating and plumping the skin for a long time.

Onaphyline Premium Anti-Aging Night Cream – ONAGRINE – on promotion HERE at € 21.37

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