Bloodless “Blade” in the MCU: Original star Wesley Snipes gives his OK to the adult Marvel version

The reboot of “Blade” in the MCU could be child-free. And Wesley Snipes thinks that’s totally fine, as he revealed in the interview.

Hardcore comic geeks have been complaining about it for a while, while the general cinema audience hardly notices it: Marvel Studios, but also to some extent Warner Bros. and Co. don’t always stick to the templates when it comes to opening up the world of comics broadcast to the big screen. This also or especially applies to the degree of violence. While the authors and illustrators can let off steam with the comics, completely different rules apply to a film and series adaptation. Marvel Studios, for example, has not yet produced a film with a high rating beyond PG-13 (corresponds to the German age rating FSK: 12).

What is cinematically possible was shown in 1998, before “X-Men”, when director Stephen Norrington didn’t have to worry about the widest possible audience and consequently stepped on the gas for “Blade”. The comic adaptation starring Wesley Snipes as a half-vampire who hunts his own kind and doesn’t exactly act squeamishly was so bloody that the Federal Agency for Child and Youth Media Protection put it on the index in 2000. For 19 years, the uncut version of the film could not be freely sold in stores or advertised. Indexing has now been removed. Have you ever heard of a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)?

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Now the vampire hunter is about to be rebooted for the MCU. And right now, everything indicates that this new version, starring Mahershala Ali, will not follow the bloody path of its predecessor and instead follow the Disney-flagged adult path. Surprisingly to all fans, Wesley Snipes agrees with that, as he said in an interview with comic books revealed:

“I think these types of stories lend themselves to a wide range of dialogue and situations. For both adults and young adults. I don’t know, it seems like [die Grenzen] blurring between the R rating and the PG-13 base, now that 13-year-olds are more articulate than adults. As long as it’s true to the theme, the plot, and the world created, and organic, if it stays consistent, I think it’s fine [ein PG-13 zu haben].”

Wesley Snipes is definitely right that what matters most is a good plot and a believable world. The peaks of violence, if any, could be seen more as the icing on the cake, which isn’t absolutely necessary to create a good movie. After all, good action films are not only characterized by deaths that are as bloody as possible, see the “Mission: Impossible” series.

However, it would also be conceivable that Snipes sees a certain end in itself in this statement. Because he probably knows best what the fans expect from a blade. And what you can expect in the MCU soon, we show you in the video.

Blade: Will Wesley Snipes Have a Cameo?

Recently, the theatrical release of the new “Blade” film was allegedly leaked. It was said that the film would start in cinemas on October 7, 2022. That would be in a few months. But since the shooting is still starting, that’s no longer the case. Rather, a theatrical release can be expected in 2023 at the earliest, although there is a possibility that this film could be traded as a candidate for the Disney+ streaming service.

How about a cameo for Wesley Snipes? He could then possibly “pass on the torch”. However, the 59-year-old hasn’t heard from Marvel Studios:

“No, not yet. I’m still working on my acting skills. Then maybe when I’m an actor they’ll contact me and say, ‘Let’s talk’. Or maybe they don’t get the impression that I’m a team player.”

With or without snipes, you can still be curious about the result. And until then, try this Marvel quiz:

MCU Quiz: Only True Marvel Experts Score 12/15!

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