Blood-red accounts over several years: Now Mai Manniche is alone in the company

Mai Manniche must now stand on her own two feet in the company Jewlscph.

Her parents have left the company.

It writes Extra Magazine.

BT has also confirmed the new distribution of ownership in the public company register.

Mai Manniche explains to BT that it is her own wish that the parents are now out of the company.

‘It’s really very simple – I’ve long had a desire to own JEWLSCPH 100% – as I did originally and I do now. It has no significance for the day-to-day operations – and I am proud to now own JEWLSCPH 100%,’ reads a text message.

However, Mai Manniche refuses to answer any further of BT’s questions.

‘There’s nothing more to it,’ she ends her message.

Before 9 March, Vibeke Manniche owned 20 percent of the company and her father, Peter Riis Hansen, owned ten percent of the loss-making jewelry business, which he had been involved in from the start.

For the last 12 years, Jewslcph has been a loss-making business for the Manniche family, and the debt has only grown over the years.

The latest accounts show a debt of DKK 5,195,097.

To that extent, Mai Manniche’s jewelery company has been in turmoil before.

BT has previously described some of the challenges Mai Manniche has faced in her jewelery business – not least the accusations about whether she had copied her designs, which you can read about HERE.

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