Blonde with Ana de Armas: the director talks about sexuality in his film

While the mystery around “Blonde” is complete, the director of the biopic on Marilyn Monroe with Ana de Armas returns to the representation of sexuality in the film, and to the classification of his feature film, prohibited for children under 17 .

Blonde hairNetflix’s overly sulphurous film?

One would think that when it comes to sulphurous films Netflix is ​​not shy, when we see for example that the platform has offered 365 Days and clearly surfed on its sex scenes. Therefore, there was reason to be surprised at the case Blonde haira mysterious film about the life of Marilyn Monroe, played for the occasion by Ana de Armas. Indeed, directed by Andrew Dominik, the feature film was postponed last summer by the platform because disturbing sex scenes.

As a result, Netflix would have asked the filmmaker to rework certain elements. And, since then, everyone wonders about the content of Blonde hair and if the end result will be totally smooth. To this question, the final classification of the film reassured us a little. Recently, we learned that the film would be NC-17 (forbidden to people 17 and under).

Not a “happy sex” for Andrew Dominik

Today, Andrew Dominik reacts (to vulnerability) on this classification and is surprised by this choice, thinking not to have exceeded the limits.

I was surprised. I thought we had stayed in the nails. But I think if you have a group of men and women in a conference room talking about sexual behavior, maybe the men are going to worry about what the women think.

The director went on to share his question about Americans’ relationship to sexpointing in particular to their production and consumption of porn.

Americans are really weird when it comes to sexual behavior, don’t you think? I do not know why. They do more porn than anyone else in the world.

On the set of Blonde ©Netflix

Finally, Andrew Domnik again clarified that sex scenes shouldn’t be “enjoyable”. Its purpose being not to show a “happy sexuality“, but to depict “ambiguous situations“. His idea is to make a film about an unwanted child, who, almost paradoxically, has become “the most wanted person in the world“. Reason why these scenes should, for him, not be smoothed out.

While no image has yet been unveiled, the hype around Blonde hair keeps growing. The movie shouldn’t not arrive before the end of the year. The luckiest should be able to discover it during the Venice festival where it would have a good chance of competing.

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