Blind looks back on the transfer to Bayern: ‘You are gone right away from one day to the next’

Daley Blind and Siem de Jong have featured in the podcast Football Is Life from FC Rehab let us know that transfers can also be arranged very quickly for football players. Blind left recently on a free transfer basis to Bayern Munich and in the podcast the now former Ajax player explains how quickly that transfer came about.

Blind does not want to call it stressful, but he found it difficult that he was without a club for a while after his contract was terminated at Ajax. ‘You look around and you are in uncertainty. There will be clubs, but maybe you are not that interested in them yourself or those clubs are not concrete. This (Bayern, ed.) accelerated to very concrete. We had to go that way very quickly. You are gone from one day to the next and that also has a direct impact on your family.’

Blind had a conversation with the technical director of Bayern Munich and a final agreement was soon reached. “We agreed at ten o’clock one night. The next morning I flew to Munich at 7 o’clock and at 10 o’clock in the evening I signed the contract. The next day I went to Doha (for Bayern’s training camp, ed.).’

De Jong indicates how quickly transfers can be completed

Former Ajax player De Jong gives a striking example of how transfers can also be a kind of ‘surprise’ for football players. “Usually we know as players as late as it comes in the press. It’s not that you can really prepare yourself for it. Especially with those things around it. It really is almost literal when it hits the press. At that moment you know for sure too.’

Blind had known about Bayern’s interest for some time, but still kept it a secret from many people. ‘In the beginning you also laugh it off a bit: it won’t be, will it? But they got very serious. Then it is very exciting and you are still proud that such a club is still ahead of you.’

Blind was also able to work in Saudi Arabia

Blind also had the opportunity to play in Saudi Arabia, he says in the podcast. However, this was not very specific. ‘You only start thinking about it when it becomes concrete. Something came over from Saudi Arabia, but it wasn’t at the top of our list. If you know what it could possibly yield, you are seriously considering it’, Blind refers to the huge salaries that are paid in ‘the sandbox’. ‘You look at yourself and you move with the times. It is something that you grow with as a footballer. Although I do agree with Van Hanegem that sometimes too much is paid in football.’

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