Blind, Berghuis and Bergwijn get enough: ‘This is Blind’s best role’

Ben Wijnstekers, captain of the Dutch national team in the eighties, has given all Ajax players who were in the starting line-up on behalf of the Orange on Monday a pass. That can be read on the website of The Telegraph. Daley Blind, Steven Berghuis and Steven Bergwijn all get a 6.

Wijnstekers saw that Blind radiated confidence with the Orange, while he is going through a lesser period at Ajax and no longer enjoys confidence. ‘It was nice for him to have Nathan (Aké, ed.) behind him. As a result, he knows that he does not have to be afraid if he is walked out once. Daley liked to play far from his own penalty area and then you know that he always has a good play-in pass on the ball. This is his best role. You should not use it purely as a left back against a fast right winger.’

Berghuis and Bergwijn score a tight pass

Berghuis also received a 6 from Wijnstekers. The rapporteur would like to see the Ajax midfielder dominate and touch the ball a lot. ‘But that didn’t work against these physically strong Africans. He tried, but if you consider his entire performance, Steven was invisible in the game too many times. Where he normally always shoots with effect, he now had to shoot a passed ball from Vincent Janssen hastily on target. He was given little time and space on the field. We shouldn’t think that’s strange, because many players from Senegal play football in England and are tough professionals.’

Finally, Bergwijn’s performance is also rated with a 6. ‘Steven is always strong on the ball and has speed, but in this African team there are a few guys in the back who physically control everyone. Koulibaly and Cissé are males, you know. Perhaps that is why he had little return. I’ve been waiting for an action where he would come in and shoot on goal. It has not happened once’, Wijnstekers concludes about Bergwijn’s performance.

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