‘Blade’: Reboot director wants darker tone than fans are used to, says rumor

Now that the marvel studios hired Yann Demange (‘Lovecraft Country’) to direct the long-awaited reboot of ‘Blade‘, the feature may be darker than the current MCU films.

According to deadline🇧🇷 demandhey new screenwriter, Michael Starrbury (‘Olhos que Condenam’), want to set a tone well dark to the project.

It has been said that while it doesn’t compare to the bloodbaths of the films starring Wesley Snipes, the team led by Kevin Feige intends to make the reboot something more mature.

the journalist Boris Kitof The Hollywood Reporter also said that hiring Mike Starrbury would inevitably result in an entirely new script.

The original script would show Blade’s origin in the 1920s and would have several time jumps to the present day, but the protagonist Mahershala Ali found the text ‘lifeless’ and the action scenes utterly ‘bland’.

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“Details are being kept under wraps, but sources say the new intent is that ‘Blade‘ has a dark and gritty tone, being one of the most daring titles of the marvel studios and perhaps follow in the footsteps of films released in the early 2000s.”said Kit (via comic book🇧🇷

Remembering that the premiere of ‘Blade‘ has been postponed from November 3, 2023 to September 06, 2024.

“As a half-human/half-vampire, Eric Brooks (Ali) has honed his skills to hunt the undead that have long terrorized mankind. A human-vampire hybrid since his tragic birth, Blade has spent his life trying to rid the world of vampires like the one who killed his mother. Over the years, he has mastered his own style for fighting monsters of all kinds.”

milan ray🇧🇷 Aaron Pierre and Delroy Lindo are also part of the cast.

O reboot is entitled ‘Blade: The Vampire Slayer’ and makes direct reference to the first anti-hero comics, created in 1973 by screenwriter Marv Wolfman and by the illustrator Gene Colan🇧🇷

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