Blade from the MCU needs to overcome a big challenge

Blade will get a reboot in the MCU, with Mahershala Ali in the lead role. In cinema, the character has already been played in a remarkable way by Wesley Snipes.

The original trilogy divided opinion at the time of its release. However, the reception with fans, in general, is positive.

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The first two, in particular, are considered underrated productions, which had great importance in consolidating the universe of comic book adaptations.

This makes things for the reboot a little tricky. There is already a version that is still solid in the public mind.

As for Mahershala Ali, there should be no worries. The actor is extremely talented and fits the role, receiving approval even from Wesley Snipes himself.

However, there is a big challenge ahead: the action scenes. This was a great quality of the original trilogy, largely because it came at a time when action was different in Hollywood.

The first two adaptations of Blade came at the height of martial arts in Hollywood. Few special effects, lots of old-fashioned brawling.

Matrix, for example, had a big investment in special effects, but it also had a big focus on martial arts.

The original Blade trilogy followed a similar path, which worked well for the time. The problem is that this style is the opposite of what the MCU usually does.

A big challenge to overcome

In the shared universe, action has become somewhat “standardized”, albeit with a few exceptions. Most productions feature scenes that are done entirely with special effects.

For Blade, this approach might not work very well. Not to mention that the reboot will be PG-13, while the original trilogy was Rated R, but it’s still possible to deliver very compelling action that way.

This may be the biggest challenge for the Blade reboot, but it’s not impossible to overcome. It remains to be seen what Marvel Studios’ approach to this will be.

The Blade reboot will hit theaters on November 3, 2023.

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