BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls Had a Surprise Cameo on The Simpsons

BLACKPINK’s popularity led these K-Pop idols to be part of a chapter of The Simpsons, the cameo took fans by surprise, but all BLINK felt identified with the scene, what happened on the television show?

As you know, the famous series of simpsons She is known for including well-known artists and groups in her episodes, sometimes caricaturing some of the music stars and other times making them part of the plot in her episodes.

This time, the BLACKPINK girls surprised by making their way into one of the newest chapters of the program, where their music had a cameo that shows all the energy that distinguishes the girl group.

BLACKPINK appeared on The Simpsons. | Source: Instagram @blackpinkofficial

Can you imagine watching The Simpson and that suddenly the verses of a famous song of BLACKPINK? That happened when Lovesick Girls energized a scene from the show.

BLACKPINK appeared on The Simpsons. | Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_mglobal

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Lisa Simpson declares herself a fan of K-Pop and her favorite group is BLACKPINK

The scene of the program begins when the characters are traveling by car on a highway, Homer is behind the wheel and asks Lisa what music she wants to listen to, although he thinks that the girl hopes to cheer up with jazz, she confesses that she is in the mood to listen to K- Pop, as it is his second favorite musical style.

Homer Simpson pretends that he already knew and proceeds to put Lovesick Girls by BLACKPINK, a song that everyone sings at the top of their lungs despite including phrases in both English and Korean.

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BLACKPINK: In which episode of The Simpsons is Lovesick Girls heard?

We know you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy this chapter from The Simpsons, BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls appears in Season 34 Episode 7, so if you want to watch the whole show you know how to search for it.

Would you like the BLACKPINK girls to have their own characters in this series for another cameo? Tell us in the comments.

BLACKPINK appeared on The Simpsons. | Source: Instagram @jenndeugikim

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