BLACKPINK’s Lisa with COVID-19: what is her health status

Lisa, member of the group BLACKPINK, tested positive for COVID-19. This was confirmed by YG Entertainment, the agency that represents the famous K-pop group, through a statement in which it was reported that the South Korean rapper is in quarantine and details of her health status were announced.

MORE INFORMATION: Lisa tested positive for COVID-19 and the rest of the group underwent discard tests

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In the statement, YG did not specify how the contagion of Lalisa Manobal, Lisa’s real name, who on November 15 returned to South Korea after carrying out some activities to promote her solo launch in the United States.

Lisa was back in South Korea to begin preparations for her comeback. BLACKPINK. Before the news, the other members of the group, Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie underwent discard tests and are awaiting their results.

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Lisa returned to South Korea on November 15 after doing some activities to promote her solo release in the United States (Photo: Lisa / Instagram)


On Wednesday, November 24, YG Entertainment, the agency representing Blackpink, announced that Lisa has tested positive for COVID-19. The K-pop singer will not be able to fulfill her agreed commitments since she will have to quarantine to avoid any contagion.

Lisa was doing some activities to promote her solo release and, according to some South Korean media, she had already met with her fellow BLACKPINK members to begin preparations for the comeback.

“Lisa was diagnosed with COVID-19 this afternoon (Wednesday, November 24). The other three members have not been classified as close contacts yet, but PCR tests were immediately performed after hearing of Lisa’s positive COVID-19 results, and are currently awaiting her results, ”the statement from YG Entertainment reads.

During her recent trip to the United States, the BLACKPINK rapper and lead singer was promoting the single “SG” alongside Ozuna, DJ Snake and Megan Thee Stallion. She was also caught in a nightclub, wearing a mask.

According to South Korean media, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is in isolation doing the respective quarantine to avoid infecting other people. The K-pop singer’s health is being monitored at all times until her full recovery.

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So far, Lisa has not come forward through her social networks to talk about her COVID-19 infection, but it is expected that she will be able to give details about her health status soon.

Since it was confirmed that Lisa was infected with COVID-19, the news has become a global trend on social networks and her fandom has been dedicated to sharing good wishes for the health of the singer and the other members of the K-pop group.

“I hope Lisa recovers soon … I understood that she was vaccinated … but apparently she was infected anyway, poor thing”, “The only thing that matters now is Lisa’s speedy recovery and that Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé are well ”Are some of the messages that are read on Twitter.

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