BLACKPINK’s Lisa, this is what it’s like to work with the Thai singer

Around the world, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is well known for her positive and charismatic attitude. The Thai singer has managed to win the hearts, not only of her fans, but also of dozens of celebrities. How does the idol behave behind the scenes? When she is in some new project. Choreographer Lee Jung told the whole truth.

Lisa from BLACKPINK He has a successful solo career. Her songs and choreographies have fascinated millions and not only has she impressed people outside the milieu, she has also caused great impact in the lives of the people with whom worked up.

Lisa is a very professional artist. // Source: Twitter @LS1_LILIE

For that reason, one of the choreographers she has collaborated with couldn’t help but talk about her recently, and her words surprised BLINKS. Curious to know how her favorite artist is when she is not in the public eye.

Lee Jung is a renowned choreographer who has worked with artists like ITZY and TWICE, and she has a friendly and charming personality. Likewise, she is very honest about her comments and this is what she had to say about Lisa.

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Lisa Was Chosen As Lee Jung’s Favorite Artist To Work With

Famous choreographer Lee Jung was a guest on Radio Star. On the show, the young South Korean talked about her experiences working with all kinds of idols and how she feels within the industry.

When the hosts of the show asked him who his favorite artist he had ever worked with was, Lee Jung answered without a second thought: BLACKPINK’s Lisa. For her, it had been the best experience he had ever had with a K-Pop idol.

Lisa and Lee Jung. // Source: Twitter @LisaPeruBP

Lee Jung mentioned that Lisa is a very fun person and is very comfortable to work with, as she is always joking around on set and looking for the comfort of everyone present.

Similarly, Lisa is very professional and talented. Besides having a special gift of quickly learning her choreography, so Lee Jung didn’t have to worry much about her. Which makes her the best artist she has ever worked with.

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Lee Jung worked with Lisa on Lalisa’s choreography.

YGX’s famous choreographer Lee Jung worked with Lisa on Lalisa. Since she was one of those in charge of the choreography of this song together with Kiel Tutin and Sienna Lalau, choreographers of great international stature. Without a doubt, the talent of Lisa, her co-workers and the excellent chemistry in the work environment made BLINK able to create this gem:

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