BLACKPINK’s Lisa: Fashion Brands Who Chose Her As An Ambassador

Lisa has very good taste when it comes to choosing her outfits, accessories and makeup. The BLACKPINK idol inspires new trends and that is why several fashion brands with an international presence chose her as their ambassador.

Since their debut, the members of BLACKPINK they stood out for their girl crush style that led them to use outfits amazing on stage, but as their popularity increased so did new opportunities for idols from k popso they began to join forces directly with the world of fashion.

All of them have become ambassadors of fashion brandsLisa for example is working with companies of clothing, make-up And till accessorieswhich have captivated the attention of BLACKPINK fans.

Here we tell you which are some of the brands that have chosen Lisa as an ambassador, so that she shows off her contributions to fashion and brings them to the eyes of the whole world.

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BLACKPINK: Clothing, accessories and makeup brands represented by Lisa

This fashion house has one of the closest alliances with Lisa, the BLACKPINK idol wears her clothes that range from sporty to glamorous, as well as the brand’s perfumes. The idol has modeled for Celine and even attends her fashion events as a guest, one of them being the fashion show of paris fashion week.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa as Celine’s ambassador. | Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

Lisa is not only within the world of fashion in the field of clothing, k pop idol works hand in hand with Bvlgari wearing jewelry items that are all the rage on social networks.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa as an ambassador for Bvlgari. | Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

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As a member of BLACKPINK, the idol and her groupmates are ambassadors of Adidas brand sportswear, which they wear comfortably in photo shoots and even dance practices.

BLACKPINK as Adidas ambassadors. | Source: Twitter @Alfajor_JenLisa

Another casual wear brand that Lisa carries is ACMÉ DE LA VIE, her style is characterized by shorts, sweatshirts, hats and more, sometimes with a sporty bent and sometimes with a summery vibe.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa as an ambassador for ACMÉ DE LA VIE. | Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

Lisa has also stood out in the makeup industry, which is why MAC chose her as a global ambassador and the idol even launched her own line with this brand.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa as an ambassador for MAC. | Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

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