BLACKPINK’s Jennie reaffirms her connection to Squid Game’s cast

One of BLACKPINK’s idols, Jennie, is super friends with several Squid Game actors and they demonstrate their beautiful connection and coexistence that fans love.

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Jennie from BLACKPINK has a very personality friendly, you can always share with BLINK moments with different luminaires that are part of his circle of friends; We have seen her spending time with international artists like Grimes, for example.

But his great friendship with one of the actresses of Squid Game, Jung Hoyeon and the BP idol are very close and recently they were even seen at the LACMA Art + Film gala; although it is not the first time that fans they notice the affection that both celebrities have for each other.

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Other cast members of ‘The Squid Game’ they have confessed as fans de BLACKPINK and it is that the talents of the artists of this girl group They are visible to everyone, and stars as recognized as those who participated in this great drama also appreciate their music and performances.

But, it turns out, the Squid Game actors are not only fans of Jennie, they also have a great friendship with her, and this time Hoyeon She is not the only one who shows us her moments with her bestie.

Jennie and Jung Jae in show off their friendship, this is the connection of BLACKPINK and Squid Game

Lee Jung Jae |, protagonist of Squid Game shared on his account Instagram official several photographs of when he was in LACMA Art + Film Gala 2021, in these we saw that the korean actor He shared time with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, showing off their friendship on the social network.

Jung Jae he had already confessed as a fan of BP on occasion, he really admired them and this time he was even able to spend time with one of the members of the group, showing that Jennie has a strong connection to the cast of ‘The Squid Game’.

Jennie de BLACKPINK y Jung Jae In de Squid Game | Instagram: @from_jjlee

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The idol and the actor They look so much fun in this selca shared by Lee Jung Jae, they definitely had a good time during the event they attended in the United States.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie supported Squid Game from their recordings

The friendship of Jennie and Hoyeon was what motivated the idol to get closer to the cast de ‘Squid Game’, from the recordings of the doramaShe went to the set to visit her friend and also sent her a food truck with delicious food, showing all her support for the production.

Jennie and Hoyeon on the set of Squid Game | Instagram: @hoooooyeony

This is how Jennie has been strengthening her friendship and connection with the actors and actresses of Squid Game, a very nice and friendly idol that her personality enchants anyone.

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