BLACKPINK will have new photocards, will they be part of their comeback?

After two years of hiatus, BLACKPINK’s comeback is just a few weeks away from being a reality. With each update BLINK gets more and more excited for the group’s return. On this occasion, the expectation increased because the group’s photocards are already ready. Which means that the release date of the new album will be announced shortly.

BLACKPINK will soon be come back and a shipment of photo cards was delivered recently, which is speculated to be the photocards that the new album of the group will include. What is known so far about this mysterious shipment?

BLACKPINK may have their comeback photocards ready. // Source: Twitter @RollingStone

BLINK is very excited to hear the news about the mystery photocard shipment. He recently shared a post of a truck that he says contains the new photocards of BLACKPINKso the fans consider that the exact date of the comeback will be announced shortly, which is scheduled for the month of August.

So far, YG Entertainment confirmed that the expected come back of the grouping would be in August and the music video would be recorded during the month of July. Apart from that and the mention of producer Ryan Tedder who could collaborate on the comeback, no further information has been revealed about it. This is what you should know about photocards.

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BLACKPINK photocards were delivered in Janghang-dong by truck

A few hours ago, a publication was shared that talks about new BLACKPINK photocards, a group that recently reported that it has a comeback scheduled for the month of August.

In the post, you can see a truck with several huge boxes, and the person who shared the post wrote a message saying, ‘In Janghand-dong, I downloaded printing press from the photo cards of BLACKPINK and I ended up adding one in Seongseok-dong.’ Confirming that a shipment of BLACKPINK photocards was recently delivered to a company.

Supposed cargo with BLACKPINK photocards. // Source: Twitter @BLACKPINKPeru

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Fans speculate that it could be BLACKPINK photocards for the anniversary

On the other hand, some fans believe that BLACKPINK’s photocards have nothing to do with the comeback, but will be commemorative of the anniversary of the group that will be on August 8. Meanwhile, some fans are hopeful that maybe it’s for both of them. Do you think they are photocards for the group’s comeback or anniversary?

In other news, BLACKPINK’s Jennie will be making her acting debut in the American series The Idol, the singer talked about how it felt to participate in the HBO project.

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