BLACKPINK will have a collaboration with Oreo that includes photocards

The BLACKPINK members continue to surprise their fans and this time they did it with a delicious collaboration that no one expected and everyone ended up loving. If you’re a fan of Oreos, you’ll love knowing they’re releasing a special BLACKPINK version.

BLACKPINK x Oreo is a reality. A delicious collaboration that caused a furor among the fans of the group, especially due to the design of the packaging and the cookies. What is known about this campaign?

The BLACKPINK x Oreo collab that everyone wants to own. // Source: Twitter @warteamblinks

This has been a great year for BLACKPINK, after almost two years as a group, in September they returned with BORN PINK, their new album. On top of that, they started a world tour with the same name as the album that plans to play in more than 30 countries.

Their promotions do not only stay in music, because, in addition to dominating the world of fashion, BLACKPINK excited fans by getting involved with one of the most famous cookie brands in the world: Airing. This is what you should know about the collaboration.

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BLACKPINK x Oreo collaboration will be boxes with special design

BLACKPINK’s collaboration with Airing It consists of a special package of cookies that is made up of six small packages. In the design you can see the BLACKPINK logo next to the cookie brand.

On top of that, the cookies will be pink and black. On the packaging you can see a photo of a cookie wearing a large crown. Without a doubt, it is a collaboration that every BLINK will want to have at home. This is how it will look packing:

Oreo cookie packaging in the BLACKPINK collaboration. // Source: Twitter @GIRL0VESICK

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BLINK is in love with BLACKPINK x Oreo photocards

In addition to six small packs of cookies, the BLACKPINK x Oreo collab will also include exclusive photocards They will come out randomly. It will be 10 different! Designs include individual and group photos. Some collectible photocards that every BLINK will want to have.

BLACKPINK photocards for their collaboration with Oreo. // Source: Twitter @GIRL0VESICK

In other news, did you hear about the party BLACKPINK had after their concert in Los Angeles? This is what you should know.

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