BLACKPINK: When did Lisa go to Korea to become an idol?

Now she is a recognized artist in all parts of the world, but it all started with her passion for dance while living in Thailand, when did Lisa move to Korea?

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This girl’s life took a sudden turn thanks to an opportunity that she could not miss, as it would be the key to succeed in music and break into the world of music. K-Pop. Lisa She started training when she was very young, but before joining an entertainment agency she was already an energetic dancer.

While in Thailand she took singing lessons and was also part of a dance team called We Zaa Cool, that’s how she began to develop her skills in both fields and they would soon make her shine.

In 2010, YG Entertainment made a hearing to recruit future idols who would debut under her label and Lisa managed to captivate the staff, so she earned the opportunity to sign with the company as a trainee. However, it would be a little while before his preparation at said company began.

When did Lisa move to Korea to be a trainee?

After this girl passed her audition, she began to make plans and part of them was to make a decision with her parents, since the uncertainty of which path she should take was present.

Lisa traveled to Korea for the first time in April 2011 and from that moment she began training at YG Entertainment with the dream of debuting as an idol.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa in LALISA promotions. | Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

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How old was Lisa when she joined YG?

If we consider that this girl is from the 97 line, we can discover that Lisa was 14 when she started being a YG trainee, at which point he began with new classes of singing, dancing and even the Korean language.

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Lisa was a trainee for 5 years and 3 months before debuting alongside BLACKPINK in August 2016, but prior to that she had already appeared in various music videos and also served as a model.

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