BLACKPINK: Rosé and her role models who inspire her in music

BLACKPINK has talented idols and each of them finds different motivations and inspirations for their work, who are Rosé’s musical influences?

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Rosé from BLACKPINK has shown all his talents both with his girl group as solo, is a idol that he not only dedicates himself to dancing and singing, as he also plays some instruments such as the piano and the guitar; from a young age he had a great interest in song.

As a teenager, Rosé was already immersed in an environment musical and it was because of this that her father motivated her to audition when YG Entertainment came to the country where she was living, Australia; This is how she was encouraged to check her true abilities and was selected before thousands of people who also participated in the audition.

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From trainee, Roseanne Park proved to have everything it takes to debut, and finally managed to be part of BP and shine with his great skills in the studio and on stage; in 2021 he debuted as soloist with ‘On the Ground’, her first single that allows us to enjoy even more the talents of this great artist.

What is it motivates to Rosé for music? The idol has her own role models who are the inspire when creating and interpreting your own songs.

What are BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s musical influences?

BLACKPINK’s Rosé has confessed that Taeyang from BIGBANG, the American singer Tori Kelly and the South Korean artist Gummy are its main musical influences, role models to perform within the industry and follow in their footsteps in terms of composition and interpretation.

The inspirations of Roseanne Within the music they can be varied, K-Pop, Soul, R&B and Gospels are the musical genres in which their influences are played, but this can generate that the songs of the idol are stronger and better combine these styles.

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Do you think that Rosé’s music shows her musical influences? His solo songs, ‘On The Ground’ and ‘Gone’ have been rated as K-Pop, Electropop and Indie PopPerhaps the combination of K-Pop, Pop and R&B, for example, is remarkable.

What inspired BLACKPINK’s Rosé for her solo songs?

Rosé has told that the inspiration to write your songs are your own experiences, his music is fully compatible with his life and he has revealed that for ‘On The Ground‘She went back to her days as a trainee, she realized that she always works to reach higher and further, but that everything she needs is within herself, on the ground.

Although we always run while looking at higher places, the truly important things are within you (…) Since I was a trainee, I ran towards my dreams, sometimes, there are moments when I question my motives, and I believe that the lyrics they express this very well. I think this is also something to learn from.

  • Rosé on his song ‘On The Ground’
Rosé en On The Ground | Twitter: @UpdateKGirls

This is how Rosé performs in music, inspired by her role models and her own experiences to create new songs that her fans love.

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