BLACKPINK on Instagram, the official accounts of each member

BLACKPINK keeps in touch with BLINK through Instagram where they always share a large part of their life, do you already follow the idols on their official platform accounts?

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Not all idols have official accounts of InstagramDespite being a social network that definitely allows fans from all over the world to connect with their favorite artists, be aware of all their updates and fill each of their publications with likes and comments.

Through platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook is where many groups also tend to announce new projects, participations or post content that cannot be found elsewhere; This is why it is important to follow the official networks.

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The idols of BLACKPINK they do share a lot with their fans through photos and stories on their social media accounts. IG, thanks to YG Entertainment giving them the freedom to have a personal profile where they are not only in charge of promoting their contents as a girl group, but also of sharing more of their daily life and other projects.

Do you already follow all the members of BP On Instagram? These are their verified profiles for you to follow at official accounts and do not lose detail of any of its updates.

What are BLACKPINK’s official Instagram accounts?

BLACKPINK – @blackpinkofficial

The official account of BLACKPINK and Instagram As a group, it is @blackpinkofficial, there the most uploaded are achievements and promotions in each comeback of the group.

BLACKPINK en Instagram | Instagram: @blackpinkofficial

Jisoo – @sooyaaa__

Jisoo She usually posts many photos and stories for her fans who never stop showing their great love for BLACKPINK and the idol, follow her on @sooyaaa__ and fill her with love virtually.

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Jisoo uploads many photos to her Insta | Instagram: @sooyaaa__

Rosé – @roses_are_rosie

With many photos, Rosé delights her fans on Instagram, so be sure to follow her on @roses_are_rosie and not miss any of its updates.

Follow Rosé de BLACKPINK on Instagram | Instagram: @roses_are_rosie

Jennie – @jennierubyjane

Jennie BLACKPINK’s also has his official account on Instagram and his username is @jennierubyjane, usually shares many photos for BLINK that never stop their support for the idol.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and her official IG account | Instagram: @jennierubyjane

Lisa –  @lalalalisa_m

Lisa not only does he have an Instagram account, but the official one is @lalalalisa_m, she has another special one for her pet family and sharing more of them with BLINK, so follow her and don’t miss any updates from the idol.

Lalisa on Instagram | Instagram: @lalalalisa_m

Did you already follow all the BLACKPINK girls in their official instagram? So you can like all their photos and know everything about their projects.

Do you want to know more about BLACKPINK? So you can know his entire musical catalog, how many songs does he have?

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