BLACKPINK: Lisa’s legs meme left a mark on the Internet

Every BLACKPINK fan knows that many idol moments have become memes. Today we will remember the photo of Lisa’s legs that took over the Internet and conquered accounts with millions of followers.

To the admirers of BLACKPINK They do not miss any opportunity to make the members of the group trend, not only with their musical successes and their spectacular looks at special events, but also with their funniest and most unexpected memes.

Although there have been many times when idols’ facial reactions catch the attention of many, Lisa proved that it is not the only way to become an idol. memeWell, even his legs achieved this feat.

Do you already know which photo we are talking about? Keep reading and know the history of the lisa legs memeas well as the great impact it had on social networks.

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‘Did it work?’ Lisa helps you to have long legs with this meme

On different platforms and Internet sites, some photos of the legs of Lisa In the middle of a choreography, the idol wears a black outfit with shorts, but the photograph that you have surely seen on more than one occasion only allows us to see her extremities wearing black boots so high that they cover her knees.

A shot of the girl where she appears lying on the ground caught the attention of many, because by posting it along with another photo on Instagram, it created the effect that a different person had long legs.

This led to many possible scenarios where fans linked Lisa’s legs with some other star or character, whether male, female, or even cartoon. When someone shared a tweet with her intent on social media, it was often accompanied by the phrase ‘Did it work?’ (It worked?).

Meme of Lisa’s legs from BLACKPINK. | Source: Twitter @addictedbpink

But the coolest thing is that even very popular accounts like TV shows or channels and streaming platforms joined this trend.

Meme of Lisa’s legs from BLACKPINK. | Source: Twitter @LILIES_STREAM

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How was the Lisa legs meme born? The history of the popular photo

The original image is a screenshot from LILI’s FILM #3 video, a dance performance where Lisa performs a choreography for the song Mushroom Chocolate.

The dance clip exceeds 87 million views, but in addition to the popularity achieved by this dance clip, the meme itself managed to take over social networks.

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