BLACKPINK led LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha to fall in love with K-Pop

BLACKPINK has left its mark on K-Pop, conquering fans and also being a source of inspiration for new talents to become idols, that happened to this member of LE SSERAFIM, the new group of HYBE.

SourceMusic just debuted a new girl group by the hand of HYBE and shortly after its arrival on stage, LE SSERAFIM has already become a success, taking home wins and setting sales records for rookie girl groups.

The members of the group also stole the spotlight for their skills, but as we got to know them better, we also got to discover how their dreams in the world of music began.

Recently, Kazuha talked about how he fell in love with K-Pop and mentioned the girls from BLACKPINK as his inspiration, what did he say about the interpreters of whistle?

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LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha is a fan of BLACKPINK since pre-debut

Nakamura Kazuha is one of the foreign members of this new female group, but she is no stranger to the charm that the k pop has on the fans and in fact, before being an aspiring idol she was a fan herself:

I fell in love with K-Pop after listening to BLACKPINK’s music

LE SSERAFIM member said in an interview that one day she saw the MV of BOOMBAYAH by chance and was impressed, but she liked the vibe of this group of YG-Entertainment who even went to his concert.

LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha is a fan of BLACKPINK. | Source: Instagram @le_sserafim

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BLACKPINK’s personality conquered Kazuha and inspired her on her path as an idol

Within Kazuha’s statement, we find out that she not only admires the powerful girl group’s singing, dancing, and stage presence skills, but also found inspiration in the idols’ personalities. She said:

BLACKPINK members are cool and pretty at the same time and really charismatic, so I really had that kind of feeling of wanting to be like that.

We also recently told you that Jimin from BTS also played an important role in the artistic career of this idol, find out why.

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