BLACKPINK: Jisoo and Camila Cabello sang together in Los Angeles

Jisoo and Camila Cabello performed a rendition of Liar that will be memorable, BLACKPINK fans showed their excitement by cheering for both singers during their performance on the BORN PINK tour.

the tour of BLACKPINK It has already toured several cities in North America and now it was the turn of the fans in Los Angeles to witness the musical show of these idols. The concert was carried out with great success, but also included a great surprise by having camila cabello inside the music show

At all the concerts BORN PINK toureach of the members of the K-Pop group has a moment to shine as a soloist on stage and, in the case of jisoohas been interpreting a popular song by the American singer.

Now that BLACKPINK arrived in Los Angeles for a new concert, it was the perfect opportunity for Camila Cabello to join the girls’ show.

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Jisoo and Camila Cabello played Liar during BORN PINK and this happened

the protagonist of snowdrop She took the stage in a red dress and was accompanied by her dancers during the first part of the presentation of Rollbut then the interpreter of Havana joined her.

Jisoo and Camila Cabello during BORN PINK in Los Angeles. | Source: Twitter @lilogurl88

The two animatedly walked the stage, greeting the audience and transmitting all their energy through the song. At the end, Jisoo thanked the girl for joining her in this performance and they shared several hugs as they said goodbye to her.

Jisoo and Camila Cabello in Los Angeles. | Source: Twitter @itsmeee07_

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Camila Cabello inspired her outfit in BLACKPINK and showed her fangirl side

the singer of Never Be The Same she appeared wearing a long sweatshirt as a dress, however the more attention she pays to her outfit it becomes even more special

This garment features BLACKPINK prints all over, with the logo of the girl groupphotos of the idols and even the name of some of their songs.

Camila Cabello outfit for the BLACKPINK concert. | Source: Twitter @SELENAPlNK

On the other hand, we tell you some curiosities about Jang Won Young, the IVE member who is conquering everyone.

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