BLACKPINK: Jennie’s most iconic meme has a new version

There are memes in the world of K-Pop that all fans remember and one of the most popular was BLACKPINK’s Jennie with her hand on her waist. The fans were delighted with the singer’s funny pose and in one of her last concerts, this meme was recreated by the idol. Have you seen it yet?

Despite Jenny BLACKPINK usually has a more serious and reserved personality, always finding a way to make BLINK laugh with a new meme. The singer is usually spontaneous at times and she always makes her fans smile.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie surprised her fans by updating one of her memes. // Source: Twitter @youngierose

For this reason, when at one of her last concerts they realized that Jennie had recreated one of her most iconic memes without meaning to, the entire fandom was quite excited and they couldn’t help but laugh with the singer. What exactly happened?

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Jennie’s meme with her hand on her waist was updated on BORN PINK World Tour

Every BLACKPINK fan knows the meme where Jennie puts her hand on her waist and looks defiantly at her groupmates. East meme It turned social networks around and everyone wanted to use it because of how fun the scene was.

From memes such as ‘no one goes past this corner’ to ‘my mom said it’s my turn to use the play’, the jennie meme it became a favorite of the entire K-Pop fandom and seeing it recreated made them quite amused.

Iconic meme of BLACKPINK’s Jennie grabbing her waist. // Source: Twitter @lovskpink

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During her recent world tour, some fans noticed certain similarities with one of the poses that the singer had before the end of the concert and couldn’t help but laugh when they discovered that the pose of Jenny it was very similar to one of her most iconic memes, in which the girl puts her hand on her waist.

New BLACKPINK Jennie meme grabbing her waist. // Source: Twitter @lovskpink

Undoubtedly, this shows that the meme It is not created or destroyed, it is only transformed. Meanwhile, the BLACKPINK members will continue their world tour shortly in Europe, where they will visit various cities. Do you want to see what surprises they will bring in their next concerts?

In other news, BLACKPINK made history with their US tour and broke a new record with BORN PINK World Tour earnings. Did you hear?

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