BLACKPINK: Jennie and the clothes that define her style in fashion

Each of the BLACKPINK members has their own style and it is even more noticeable when we see them off stage, how does Jennie dress? These items are essential to her look.

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Through time, the way of dressing Jennie shows us more and more his style and personality, the singer and rapper from YG Entertainment not only does it look great with outfits on stage or at gala events, as fashion accompanies her and is part of her day to day.

That is why instead of taking a look at your outfits of presentations, today we will review the articles and garments that you wear while you are enjoying a day off, taking a walk or wearing some of your favorite brands.

Keep reading and know some basic garments that will help you to recognize the most important points in this girl’s looks.

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Keys in the outfits of Jennie from BLACKPINK

We refer to those soft textured garments that remind us of the delicacy of a sweater, but that we do not necessarily see only in winter garments, Jennie usually wears items of this style, modeling from skirts, blouses, tops and of course, also some open or closed sweaters.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie. | Source: Instagram @jennierubyjane

Something that we have undoubtedly seen in Jennie on several occasions are the sets where two or even three garments are made with the same designs, be it a skirt and a blazer, skirt and crop top, etc. Sometimes they are plain in style, other times with prints or even details like buttons.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie. | Source: Instagram @jennierubyjane

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Jennie’s figure looks amazing with short blouses, but we have also seen her wearing crop tops and tops creating great styles that more than one would love to replicate, don’t you think?

BLACKPINK’s Jennie. | Source: Instagram @jennierubyjane

To create the perfect balance with the previous garment, nothing like combining baggy jeans and if you still do not dare to wear a model like that, Jennie’s style will undoubtedly motivate you to do so.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie. | Source: Instagram @jennierubyjane

If you’re interested in fashion, here are some ideas to look great in winter while getting inspired by TWICE’s Momo looks.

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