BLACKPINK had a huge party in Los Angeles after their concert

After several weeks giving concerts, BLACKPINK took a break and also filled up with energy enjoying a big celebration. The K-Pop idols had a party in Hollywood after finishing their last show in Los Angeles.

Since the end of October, the BLACKPINK girls began to hold concerts in North American cities as part of their world tour called BORN PINKtouring points such as Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Newark, Hamilton and finally, Los Angeles.

very soon you are idols of K-Pop will travel to the European continent, but they could not pass up the opportunity to celebrate how successful their tour until now.

BLACKPINK during their BORN PINK tour. | Source: Twitter @camixxLisa

That is why after finishing their last concert in the city of Los Angeles, the idols had a after party unmissable, nothing more and nothing less than in Hollywood.

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BLACKPINK celebrated the end of their North American tour with an after party

It was recently announced that on November 20, after finishing their concert in LA, the girls from BLACKPINK They moved to a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, where they would have a party.

smooth Y rose They were captured by the cameras upon their arrival at that site, the Thai idol wore a casual outfit with jeans and a blazer, while her partner opted for an all-in-black outfit.

BLACKPINK had a party after their North American tour. | Source: Twitter @villainpinks

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BLACKPINK: When does the BORN PINK tour start in Europe?

Although we still do not know exactly how long BLACKPINK will be in the United States, they will soon travel to Europe, as the next stage of their tour is about to start.

BLACKPINK during their BORN PINK tour. | Source: SELENAPINK

The first concert of the girls in that area of ​​the world will be on November 30, the date they will perform in London. After that they will have shows in Barcelona, ​​Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and more.

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