BLACKPINK: Curiosities of Rosé to know more about her life and tastes

Each of the members of BLACKPINK stand out for their different personalities and tastes, creating a perfect combination that has enchanted their fans. Rosé endeared herself to BLINK with her outgoing personality, these facts will help you understand more about her life and everything she likes.

Rose of BLACKPINK was born on February 11, 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2012, he traveled to South Korea to fulfill his dream of becoming a singer and debuted under YG Entertainment alongside BLACKPINK. These curiosities They will help you to know more about it.

Curious facts you should know about BLACKPINK’s Rosé. // Source: Twitter @Roseparaguay

Currently, BLACKPINK is in the American continent fulfilling the dates of its BORN PINK world tour. The group has performed in different cities in the United States and Canada, in addition to taking the opportunity to attend all kinds of fashion events to which they are invited.

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Curious facts about BLACKPINK’s Rosé that will help you get to know her better

  • He was in the church choir when he was young.

Before finding her calling as an idol, Rosé always loved to sing and could do so for hours. For that reason, when she was young she was in the chorus of the church, since his family is Christian.

  • She was a cheerleader at the Institute.

In addition to singing, Rose has always shown passion for dance and took the opportunity to become cheerleader when I was in high school. Did you know that Rosé was a cheerleader?

  • His role model with BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Sam Smith

The singer has confessed that her role models are taeyang by BIGBANG and Sam Smith, two artists who have stood out for their vocal talent and the passion they add to their songs.

  • He loves kimchi stew.

In an interview, Rosé confessed that her favorite food is kimchi stew. Kimchi is a traditional South Korean ingredient and is enjoyed by locals on its own or in all sorts of dishes, being a type of slightly spicy, fermenting cabbage. Have you tried it?

  • He loves riding his bike.

Rosé loves spending time outdoors, from going for a run or a walk, to taking long rides on her bike. Due to her busy schedule she cannot do it as much as she would like, but it is a special moment for her.

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  • He likes to see live performances by artists.

On the other hand, one of his hobbies is watching live performances of artists on Youtube. The singer herself confessed that these videos motivate her in her presentations, since she enjoys seeing other artists enjoy herself and make an effort on stage.

  • Enjoy singing in English.

She made her debut as a soloist with songs in English, the reason being because it is the language with which she feels most comfortable as it is her mother tongue. The singer was born in New Zealand and lived for eight years in Australia.

  • He loves mango and tangerine.

Among her favorite fruits are the mango and the tangerine, they are two fruits that the singer likes a lot.

  • Romantic comedies are her favorite movies.

In an interview, Rose He confessed that he likes all genres of movies, however, the one he enjoys the most is romantic comedies.

In other news, Rosé fell in love with her look at LACMA Art + Film Gala 2022, have you seen it yet?

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