BLACKPINK and TWICE together? This is how Jennie and Jeongyeon have fun

BLACKPINK and TWICE are beloved K-Pop girl groups within the genre, and they let us see that they don’t have any kind of rivalry with Jenny and Jeongyeon having fun at a concert together.

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BLACKPINK is one of the girl groups of K-Pop most relevant of the moment, the 4 idols that are part of this girl group They have shown to have great talent and love completely music and stages every time they perform with any of their songs.

Secondly, TWICE It also has great relevance within the musical genre, its talented artists not only do they let us see all their musical abilities and skills, but also beautiful personalities and charismas that all fans they love them.

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Both groups have large fandoms, BLINK and ONCE They are in charge of providing all their love, support and admiration to their favorite idol group, there are even those who enjoy both without limits; and the girls who are part of the bands show us that they have a great friendship.

Interactions between Jennie by BLACKPINK and Jeongyeon TWICE’s members will melt the hearts of their fans, the two of them have a cute friendship that they showed off to us while having fun at a concert.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie And TWICE’s Jeongyeon Have Fun Together At Mino’s Concert

At concert from the rapper known as Mino, Jennie de BLACKPINK and Jeongyeon de TWICE they had a really fun time, they were both together and also Chaeyoung and Jinwoo they met the idols; the hearts of the fans of both groups melted with this cute interaction.

  • BLACKPINK’s Jennie and TWICE’s Jeongyeon sitting together at the concert

This is how we were able to see them together at this great event, both having fun and enjoying Mino’s concert and talents.

BLACKPINK and TWICE have proven their friendship on many other occasions

We have seen interactions from TWICE y BLACKPINK Throughout the history of both groups, idols almost always dance or listen to each other’s songs girl group, too Rosé and Chaeyoung they have proven to be close on various occasions.

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Rosé and Chaeyoung being friends | Twitter: @rshourly

Momo and Lisa They have shown great admiration between one and the other, since both are dancers of the most recognized within the K-Pop industry; besides that on one occasion Momo and Nayeon they were singing one of Lalisa’s songs.

  • Nayeon and Momo singing Lalisa | Twitter: @lisacelebreties

This is the friendship of BLACKPINK y TWICE, in the world of K-Pop there are no rivalries, but a lot of love and passion for music.

Do you like BLACKPINK and TWICE? Maybe one of these girl groups will do a concert in Mexico, have you seen what other groups could come?

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