‘Black Widow’ DIDN’T match? DISCOVER Hanna’s story then

Stories have similarities but different approaches

One of Marvel Studios’ main bets during the quarantine period was the long-awaited Black Widow solo film. The Avenger makes up the team’s original lineup and was the first MCU heroine, but she never had an adventure to call her own (even the Hulk with all the legal complications between Marvel and Universal did).

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For a long time this was one of the most constant points when it was claimed that the MCU did not pay the necessary attention to its female characters, besides the total absence of a convincing justification about the project never seeing the light of day.

It then began to take shape in 2018, when the Argentine director Lucrecia martel was approached but gave up after being informed of the famous lack of traditional autonomy in the studio. The responsibility ended up falling in Cate Shortland who, at that point, had only three films under his belt.

fact is that Black Widow was finally released in 2021, shared between cinema and Disney Plus (which ignited the spark of the legal dispute between the company and the star Scarlett Johansson) with a mixed reception. First of all, it is worth noting that, within the reality of the world, the film performed very well at the box office worldwide, passing the US$ 300 million mark.

“Black Widow” did well but not so much

Second, the film is reported to have provided a profit of $60 million to Disney Plus, as the service’s debut strategy still relied on the strategy of offering early access to a future catalog release by paying a fee. value.

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However, the film was not unanimous among the audience, generating a slice that felt satisfied and another that felt the loss of opportunity, in which Marvel could have delivered a new Captain America: Winter Soldier starring a beloved heroine but missed the chance. In fact, at every moment the work reminds the viewer at every moment of where Natasha came from, how her childhood was stolen for her to be trained as a living weapon, but leaving the feeling of not exploring the situation better.

Undeniably this is a plot that can render very good dramatic situations, as well as tense moments; the Bourne tetralogy is a situation in which the plot of an agent trained as much as possible to become something lethal can yield very competent productions; in video games the saga Metal Gear he also broached the subject several times about children trained in this way.

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The Bourne franchise could have been a good inspiration

And had Hanna, production of Prime Video. Launched in April 2019, the series is inspired by the 2011 movie of the same name about a young woman with superhuman abilities who lives isolated in the mountains with her father. Both have lived in hiding for years from government forces, and Hanna’s father has devoted part of his life, and his daughter’s early years, to training her in survival, combat, espionage and manipulation tactics.

With more time at his disposal in the series than in the feature, the screenwriter David Farr could develop mainly as Hanna’s adolescence eventually overlaps with the training she received from her father. In this way the production manages to find a balance between the drama of this growth with hints of typical film elements coming of age.

The protagonist’s dynamic with her father is also important, as as she becomes aware of the outside world, her father needs to understand that she needs to grow up, which will be conflicting as his fear of her being captured by government agents. The excess of protection leads him to paths contrary to those of his daughter.

Hanna is an interesting espionage thriller, which claims the right not only to rely on action scenes but to conduct certain sequences with a tranquility that is no stranger to the genre of cinema. By having more time available, the production manages to build bridges between the same themes that Black Widow failed.

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