Black skin: understand the special care needed in skincare for body and face

Another tip is to consult a professional you trust for deeper cleaning and complementary treatments. “One of the most interesting features is the use of ultrasonic peeling, which deeply cleanses the skin without harming and without generating any discomfort. The treatment is performed using a spatula that generates ultrasonic pulses, which vibrate 26,000 times per second”, he highlights. Aline.

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Sunscreen is your best ally

Due to the greater amount of melanin, black skin has, in fact, a natural protection, but that does not mean that sunscreen should be forgotten or only used on beach days. “The natural melanin is not enough for the region against damage from the sun’s rays. Therefore, it is important to apply sunscreen every day”, says the specialist.

Understand the importance of hydration and exfoliation in the body

Contrary to the face, the skin of the body tends to be drier: therefore, exfoliators and moisturizers need to be part of your skincare kit. “One tip is to do a powerful exfoliation in the bath in areas such as feet, knees and elbows, which are usually very dry, in order to remove dead cells and impurities, giving way to a better quality skin that is softer to the touch.” , indicates Aline.

Learn how to treat skin blemishes!

When treating blemishes, it is important to look for a specialized professional and understand the individual issues of your skin. But generally speaking, using LEDs can be beneficial.

“They act to promote color homogeneity, through tissue hyper hydration and improve the function of melanocytes (cells that produce melanin), normalizing production and assisting in the reabsorption of excessively installed pigment. use of cosmetics that are activated by light, further enhancing the effects.”, highlights.

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