Black Phone, Ethan Hawke: "It looks more like Stand by Me than a slasher"

Ethan Hawke talks about the strange tone of his new horror Black Phone, from tonight in theaters, comparing it to the cult Stand By Me.

From now Ethan Hawke returns to the cinema with a terrifying villain role in the awaited horror by Scott Derrickson Black Phonethan for the actor it looks more like Stand by Me than a slasher. The Stand by Me quote is by no means accidental, given that Black Phone is based on a 2004 story by Stephen King’s novelist son Joe Hill.

Black Phone: Ethan Hawke in one sequence

As our Black Phone review teases, at the center of the story is a young boy named Finney Shaw (newcomer Mason Thames) who has been kidnapped by the aptly named serial killer “The Grabber” (Ethan Hawke). Trapped in a basement and desperate for an escape route, Finney realizes that a disconnected phone allows him to talk to the ghosts of previous The Grabber victims. They all share a unique vision on how to escape capture and death. While the spirits of the killer’s previous victims attempt to bring Finney to safety, he must conceal his escape pines from his captor.

In an interview with SlashFilm, Ethan Hawke provided his particular insight into the attraction this coming of age holds and that convinced him to accept Scott Derrickson’s offer:

“The heart that holds the script is why I made the film. When Scott called me and told me he wanted me to play the Grabber, this kid kidnapping person, I thought, ‘Listen, I’ll read it, but I’m not convinced at all, I don’t want to play that part. ‘ Then, when I read the script, I thought, ‘Oh wow, this is more like Stand by me than a slasher.’ I told him I’ve hardly ever come across something so scary that contains so much heart. It’s like a thrilling and scary movie. I’ve never heard of such a thing. It seemed to have a really original tone. “

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Speaking of his take on the horror genre, Ethan Hawke adds: “You create a three-dimensional narrative with shadow and light. If there is too much shadow or too much light it doesn’t work. Too much darkness and you feel nothing for the characters, it doesn’t work like that in the world. The world isn’t unique. I think there is an aspect to it. of this film that recalls something of … Stephen King, Spielberg, there is a feeling, he uses a strange tone where genres intersect in a way that has a lot of heart “.

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