Black Panther 2: Can Killmonger’s son succeed T’Challa?

Since the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman and consequently his hero T’Challa, many fans have wondered who will replace the character within Black Panther 2. If the names of Okoye or Shuri are mentioned, the writers of the Marvel blockbuster could surprise us with the arrival of a new protagonist. If for now, this is only a theory, it could be Killmonger’s son. At the end of Black Panther, we see T’Challa come to earth and chat with a little boy whose identity is unknown. While he might just be a local resident, it’s also possible that he was Killmonger’s son. After all, Erik has lived on earth most of his life, so he was able to bond with a woman. Could he become the worthy heir to the throne?

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Black Panther — Crédit(s) : Marvel Studios

We don’t know yet how Black Panther 2 will pay tribute to the actor and his character, but we can remember that he lived very badly the death of his brother Killmonger within the plot. If the little boy seen at the end of the film is really his son, maybe he’ll bring him back to Wakanda, to give him the life Killmonger deserved alongside his family.. Although he is too young to assume the status of ruler of a country, he could be trained by Shuri and Okoye by the time he is old enough to become king.

Black Panther
Black Panther — Crédit(s) : Walt Disney / Marvel

If this is only a theory for the moment, the writers certainly did not show us this little boy by chance. It is quite possible that he is more involved in the second part, it remains to be seen how. What is certain is that Killmonger will not return in Black Panther 2 : he is indeed dead. However, maybe his successor will make him a proud man, even if he won’t be around to tell him.

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