‘Black Panther 2’ answers big question about introducing mutants to the MCU; Understand!

Since the disney acquired the Foxthe fans of Marvel are wondering when and how mutants will be introduced to the universe created in the MCU.

Some have even theorized that Thanos’ finger snap (Josh Brolin) was responsible for the mutation that gave rise to Gene-X, while others believed that mutants like the ‘X-Men‘ would arrive from other universes due to the Multiverse saga.

Nonetheless, ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘ confirms that mutants have existed in the main MCU universe for centuries, and that they are just hidden and scattered around.

This is because the plot explains that Namor (Tenoch Huerta), the ruler of the underwater kingdom Talokan, is a mutant born around 1571.

When telling her story to Shuri (Letitia Wright), Namor reveals that his mother and other ancestors ingested an underwater plant in hopes of gaining powers to fight the Spaniards who were invading their country.

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Namor’s mother, Fen (Mary Mercedes Coroy), initially resisted the plant, believing it would harm her unborn baby, but was eventually convinced to ingest the herb.

The plant gave superpowers to everyone who consumed it – including Namor, who was born in 1571 with winged feet and pointed ears unlike any Talokan that was born after him.

Namor explains that this made him the “first mutant”, something that has remained true in the centuries since he was born.

If he’s been hiding all this time, there’s no doubt that other mutants are out there too, waiting for the right moment to show up.

Please note that ‘black panther 2‘ continues to play in theaters.

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