“Black page for Italy”. “Tragic choice”. “Crazy decision”. From Di Maio to Gelmini up to Letta and Calenda: the disappointment of Draghi fans

He says Luigi Di Maio that today’s is a “black page for Italy. There policy has failed, in the face of an emergency, the answer was that of not knowing how to take responsibility for governing ”. But if politics failed, didn’t Di Maio himself fail by chance? Or does the foreign minister consider himself a technician? “We played with the future of the Italians. The effects of this tragic choice will remain in history“, Insists the owner of the Farnesina on twitter. And on the other hand there is to understand. In order to stabilize the government of Mario DraghiDi Maio has just left the 5 star movement to found his Together for the future. A move that actually helped to have the opposite effect, given that a few weeks after the M5s split, the Draghi government has entered into crisis: in the Senate they say yes the trust only in 95, with M5s, Lega and Forza Italia who do not vote and withdraw from the majority.

Whoever leaves his party after the Senate vote is Maria Stella Gelminiminister – probably for a little while longer – to the Regional affairs. “Forza Italia has definitively turned its back on Italians, families, businesses, productive classes and its history, and has given the scepter to Matteo Salvini“, Announces in a note Gelmini, who has been suffering for some time towards the management of the party, but this time she was burned by the choice of Silvio Berlusconi to sign, together with the League, a resolution (as the center-right of the government) calling for a Dragons bis but at the helm of a deeply renewed executive without the Five stars of Giuseppe Conte. In Forza Italia he also snatched the senator Andrea Cangini (also intolerant of the party line for months), announcing that he will vote yes to Draghi, in dissent from Fi. “I do not see a new political fact, which justifies a change of vote on my part, I have voted the confidence 55 times, I will also vote the 56th”, he said in the Chamber.

Enrico Lettaleader of the Democratic Party, that is the most draghian party of all, uses very severe tones: in the elections, he says Tg1, “The Italians will choose between those who wanted to bury this government experience and those who genuinely tried, beyond their own interests, to carry it forward”. And again: “The country today looks with dismay at the absurd and crazy decision taken by Parliament “. According to the dem secretary, today is even “a sad and dramatic day for Italy”. More extreme tones than those of Carlo Calenda, who writes on Twitter: “It may be a coincidence, but the most serious and Atlanticist government in recent history is sent home by all those who have supported pro-Persian positions”. Then the leader of Action lashes out against those who have not voted to trust Draghi: “The unworthy end of one disastrous legislature. Populist scoundrels have sent home the most illustrious Italian. The first thing we say is thank you Draghi. We will fight to carry out his agenda and his way of doing politics ”.

Try riding Dragons in an electoral key as well Matteo Renzi, first sponsor of the former ECB president in February 2021: “Today populism has taken partial revenge on politics, incompetence has defeated talent and merit. Today Salvini and Conte, in a re-edition of the yellow-green government, essentially undermined the vote of confidence in the government. Today Putin won and lost Italy ”, the leader of Italy comes to say alive. That despite the 2 percent credited to his party by the polls, he tries to disguise himself as the leader of an unspecified “Draghi area”. “This Draghi area and the world of reformists exist, there is a piece of the country that is not resigned. We are in the election campaign, presumably, but I tell all of you not to resign yourself ”.

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