Black Friday: How to avoid online shopping scams? Discover a new technique to avoid falling into fraud

According to a survey carried out by Math Ads, a company specialized in managing digital media, it pointed out that 90% of Brazilians carry out searches on search engines to increase the level of security in purchases.

This behavior has led businessmen to change the way of advertising their products in the sexta-feira Negra, promotions period held in November. About this, Derik David, expert in Google My Business, explained the new behavior of consumers.

“People are increasingly looking to use platforms that reduce the risk of scams during Black Friday. This is one of the reasons that led many customers to have their first contact with the seller directly through the Google tool”, he said.

Black Friday: how to enjoy the event without losing money?

According to Derik, access to increasingly complete information and customer service on Google’s own services has contributed to the increased use of the platform.

“Publications on Google are increasingly detailed and if the person needs support, the service can be provided there. In some cases, this may even eliminate the need for the customer to go to the location”, said the specialist.

Derik also commented on the analysis of posts that allow greater security for customers. “Google’s own analysts check the posts, if they do not meet the requirements of the platform, they are discarded. This also contributes to the safety of those who want to take advantage of the Black Friday period”, he highlighted.

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