Black Friday: Erborian, Fresh, Olehenriksen: these rated treatments "excellent" on Yuka are at a bargain price!

Products with a “clean” composition are attracting more and more French people. As proof, the consumption of organic products has doubled in five years and now represents 6.5% of a household’s budget… A new interest which obviously affects the world of beauty.

The proof, countless brands and/or organic products have emerged in recent years… Only problem: when you want to be careful at all costs about what you apply to yourself, it is essential to read the list carefully. ingredients… A list that is very often difficult to decipher!

Fortunately, several applications like Yuka make this step easier! Once the application has been downloaded, all you have to do is scan the barcode of the product to assess the impact of this treatment on our health.

The products are then assigned a color code ranging from green (excellent/safe) to red (poor/at risk) and a score out of 100 assigned according to the ingredients contained in the formula. Allergens, endocrine disruptors or even carcinogenic ingredients are then scrutinized in order to tell us whether or not it is a treatment with a “clean” composition.

8 products on sale for Black Friday

On the occasion of Black Friday which has already started on the Sephora websitethe site displays a 25% reduction on a selection of treatments… And because it is not possible to scan the products when shopping online, the editorial staff of took care of everything! We have concocted a selection of treatments rated “excellent” on Yuka!

Scroll through the slideshow now to stock up on great deals!

Lisa Ziane

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