Black Consciousness Day: Taís Araujo, Lázaro Ramos, Preta Gil and more famous celebrate date

Zezé Motta cites Zumbi dos Palmares in honor

Zezé Motta also posted a video to celebrate the date. The actress and singer wrote a long text in the caption and went back in time to remember the existence of Zumbi dos Palmares: “Day of the physical death of Zumbi dos Palmares, leader of the largest Brazilian quilombo, who, with his life wisdom, organized a collective in search of freedom and dignity for his people,” began the singer.

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“Today it is celebrated as a symbol of resistance and pride for history and for what it represents until today. To this day… Celebrating November 20 is to have in body and memory the struggle of our ancestors. It is to assert all resilience and, above all, it is to celebrate our life, our present and our future. We are giants because our nature is millenary”, wrote Zezé, who usually highlights the diversity of beauty.

Thelma Assis and Preta Gil strengthen the struggle of black women in the country

In addition to the tributes, the doctor Thelma Assis raised, as did Lázaro Ramos, the fact that black women are made invisible in double. The ex-BBB used a quote from Angela Daves to highlight the issue: “When black women move, the whole structure of society moves with them“, he wrote.

Preta Gil went the same way and even promised a video in partnership with Kynnie: “Two black women, daughters of Oshun together. It’s pure GOLD!”, said the singer, who should return to the stage for Carnival. “What we want are: attitudes, actions, reparations and respect. Today and every day of the year”.

Gilberto Gil, Martinho da Vila and more singers also honored the date

Artists from the music world also highlighted the importance of the date. Gilberto Gil, for example, quoted a poem he wrote in partnership with Waly Salomão. Djavan posted a photo of a song censored during the dictatorship. Thiaguinho, Péricles and Carlinhos Brown also recalled the importance of the date. Martinho da Vila went further and even released a song about the day: “Semba Africano”.

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