Black as snow on France 2: what is this new detective fiction with Laurent Gerra?

Laurent Gerra tries his hand at the dramatic genre in the new unpublished detective fiction “Noir comme neige” broadcast on France 2. At his side, we find Clémentine Poidatz and Thierry Frémont, desperate to stop a serial killer who is rampant in a station ski.

Black as snow : what does it talk about ?

Winter hasn’t started yet, but it’s just like on France 2 in the brand new unpublished fiction titled Black as snow. Chalet, wood fire and snowy landscapes everything is there, but it was without counting on a terrible murder which will come to shake the whole region. Already available in preview on the Salto platform, this detective TV movie takes place in the heart of the Nobleval ski resort, where the season is in full swing.

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We find the adjutant of the High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon, Constance Vivier, a voluntary and borderline woman. At his side, there is the Swiss policeman, Andreas Meyer, who is meanwhile, very cerebral. They investigate the suspicious death of a teenager found frozen on a runway, following an alcoholic coma. When another young girl is found dead under the same conditions, Constance and Andreas understand thatthey are dealing with serial murders. The countdown is on to quickly find the killer before the list of victims grows …

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Who is it with?

Black as snow is directed by Eric Valette, who previously worked alongside Albert Dupontel and Alice Taglioni in the film The prey. In this breathtaking thriller we rediscover the comedian and comedian Laurent Gerra who tries his hand at a much more dramatic genre. Indeed, he plays here Andreas Meyer a Swiss policeman, very serious. The latter shares the poster with Clémentine Poidatz, seen recently in A man of honor, and Thierry Frémont who appeared recently in the series Luther or in the unit Death is in the meadow. The actor keeps sacred memories of the shoot, as revealed TV 7 days :

The first day, it was minus 27 ° C. We froze in place and even had difficulty speaking. We had to equip ourselves with high mountain clothing. That said, as we were lucky to be able to shoot, in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, it was an enchanting parenthesis.

The 90-minute TV movie was shot in Haute Maurienne, in the magnificent landscapes of the Vanoise massif. A sumptuous decor that seduced the press if we are to believe the various reviews. So, even if the scenario may seem a bit heavy and classic, the realization remains effective. The presence of the various actors also gives relief to this dark history.

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