Black and Latin American Women’s Day: understand the commemorative date and learn about Brazilian inspirations!

In 1992, the first meeting of Afro-Latin American and Afro-Caribbean women was organized in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The main focus of the event was to debate ways to combat sexism and racism, in addition to pressuring the United Nations to take up the fight and fight gender pressure and exploitation once and for all.

In Brazil, in 2014, the date was sanctioned as Tereza de Benquela and Black Woman’s Day. Tereza was a quilombola leader who became a symbol of black people’s resistance to slavery during the 18th century.

What is the importance of female visibility for Black and Latin American Women’s Day?

Black women are the majority of victims of femicide. In 2020, it was computed that for every three women killed in Brazil, two were black, this represents 61.8% of deaths.

The Brazilian Public Security Yearbook shows that a woman is a victim of femicide every seven hours, which means that at least three women die a day. The growing data show that the visibility of women against oppression, prejudice and inequality is increasingly necessary.

Female representation and visibility of the cause are extremely important for the daily fight against racism and machismo. Therefore, Purepeople chose six personalities here from Brazil to praise and support!

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